GWS Medika Kalibata Achieves PARIPURNA Accreditation!

by Kristihandaribullet
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Reviewed by Puspa W. Cahyono
GWS Medika Kalibata Achieves PARIPURNA Accreditation!
GWS Medika Kalibata Achieves PARIPURNA Accreditation!

GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic has been awarded the highest distinction, PARIPURNA (COMPLETE) accreditation from the Indonesian Puskesmas, Clinic and Laboratory Accreditation Institution (Lapklin). This achievement is a testament to GWS Medika's dedication to providing high-quality primary care to the community.

Accreditation is a recognition of the quality of services provided by health workers to patients.

The Ministry of Health has established three aspects of accreditation assessment:

  1. Clinic governance: Regulates leadership management, human resources, clinic facilities, and infrastructure, and coordination with other health facilities.

  2. Quality improvement and Patient Safety: Regulates quality improvement activities, patient safety targets, and infection prevention and protection for patients, staff, and visitors.

  3. Individual health services: Regulates the continuity and quality of medical services provided by healthcare professionals to patients.

Accreditation preparation

GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic strongly commits to improving quality and patient safety through various preparatory actions. This included completing facilities and infrastructure, developing regulations, and training all staff.

GWS Medika also provides quality training, international patient safety goals, and clinical competency training for healthcare personnel. To ensure that the training goes as planned, GWS Medika management actively observes and listens to staff feedback to enhance GWS Medika Clinic procedures and standards.

The GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic constantly prioritizes quality and patient safety in all its services, thus accreditation preparation takes only two months.

Successful accreditation process

The GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic accreditation process was conducted in two days, on May 13 and 15, 2024. The assessment team, dr. Tuti Kurniati, M. Kes AAK, and Mrs. Nurhayati, S. Kep, M. KKK, responded positively during the assessment.

The entire team's hard work paid off. GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic received the highest recognition as a health service facility that has met accreditation standards and was declared to have passed PARIPURNA.

PARIPURNA accreditation enables clinics to improve patient safety and quality of service. Meanwhile, accredited clinics make it easy for patients to decide which health facility to treat their health issues. This is because accredited health facilities have guaranteed quality and safety.

Challenges and learning

The accreditation process had finished, but the GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic still have its challenges. One of them is that the clinic has only been operating for a year, so it still must go through learning to finalize every ongoing process.

However, with resilience and openness to learning from the GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic team, it is hoped that they will be able to continue moving forward to improve the quality of service.

Next step

Plenary accreditation is not the end but the beginning of GWS Medika's journey to improve service quality. The efforts and activities that have been completed must be maintained. GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic will also go one step further by achieving global service quality standards.

About GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic

GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare services to the community. Our clinic includes a pharmacy, a comfortable waiting area, and a team of experienced and professional healthcare providers.

GWS Medika Kalibata Clinic is continuously committed to improving the quality of care we deliver to ensure our patients' complete satisfaction.