GWS Medika Conducts the Four Pillars of Healthy Living for Employees

by Kristihandaribullet
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Reviewed by dr. Bandoro
GWS Medika Conducts the Four Pillars of Healthy Living for Employees
GWS Medika Conducts the Four Pillars of Healthy Living for Employees

In collaboration with Sinar Mas Insurance, GWS Medika had the opportunity to introduce itself and provide health services to Human Resources (HR) based at GIIC (Greenland International Industrial Center) in the industrial area owned by Deltamas (6/6).

This event occurred at the Hotel Le Premiere with the theme "Tenant Compliance, Supervision, and Control Policy in Fulfilling Estate Regulations." GWS Medika hosted a health talk session for employees focusing on physical and mental health wellness.

The health talk was presented by dr. Bandoro, one of the GWS Medika doctors. The material presented is related to the four pillars of healthy living: ideal physicality, specific immunity, mental health, and social health.

Optimizing sleep patterns, nutrition, and exercise can help you reach your ideal physique. Vaccination provides specific protection for the prevention of infectious diseases. Good stress management abilities can lead to improved mental health. Meanwhile, social health can be improved by prioritizing the valuable people in our lives.

Doctor Bandoro also provided daily practical tips related to the topics presented.

On this occasion, GWS Medika offers various collaborations with HR, such as:

  • MCU (Medical Check Up) for employees is intended to detect early disease and maintain employee health.
  • Tailored health talk tailored to meet the company's needs, with topics relevant to employee health.
  • Vaccination to prevent infectious diseases and maintain employee health.

Companies need to pay attention to employee health. Therefore, regular MCU and vaccination are required. Employees who are in good health are more productive, which benefits the company's productivity.

This event was attended by around 116 HRs from various companies with offices at GIIC. The enthusiasm of the HR people was visible when they visited the GWS booth, which offered a free on-the-spot blood sugar testing service. Pouches and notebooks were also distributed during this event.

Claudia, one of the participants from a tenant in the Deltamas area, said, "The health talk material was good. Very relatable to employees."

GWS Medika is committed to helping companies maintain employee health and increase company productivity.