Kalibata City's Zumba Kids: A Morning of Joyful Movement with GWS Medika

by Kristihandaribullet
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Kalibata City's Zumba Kids: A Morning of Joyful Movement with GWS Medika
Kalibata City's Zumba Kids: A Morning of Joyful Movement with GWS Medika

The morning sun peeked shyly over the horizon, yet a wave of joy had already washed over the Green Palace tower swimming pool in Kalibata City Apartment. The children swam happily, their laughter like a sweet song in the morning. Three 9-year-old girls approached us with sparkling faces. "Sis, I can't wait to join Zumba Kids! That's why I came here this morning!" exclaimed one of them.

Their enthusiasm was justified! GWS Medika again presents Zumba Kids for children living in Kalibata City Apartments (17/5).

The energetic instructor, Kak Topan seemed enthusiastic about leading the event wearing his cute giraffe costume. No less enthusiastic, around 80 children followed Kak Topan's movements with enthusiasm, sweat dripping down their faces.

More than just a fun activity, Zumba Kids prioritizes children’s health. As the event organizer, GWS Medika aims to inspire children to move and live healthier lives, especially when a sedentary lifestyle is becoming increasingly common and poses a threat to health.

Zumba Kids is also a place for children to socialize and build self-confidence. The smiles and joy on their faces prove that Zumba Kids has provided positive benefits for them.

Through Zumba Kids, GWS Medika continues to support the health and happiness of children in Kalibata City Apartement. Let's work together to support the spirit of healthy living for the nation's next generation!

Blood donation: the spirit of humanity and health

On the same day (18/5), GWS Medika participated in a blood donation event organized by the GBI Green Pramuka Church in partnership with PMI Central Jakarta. Sixty-six donors participated in the event.

Blood donation is a routine GBI event as a form of concern for others. However, this event was stopped due to the pandemic and only started again this month.

Blood donation is not only a great act to help others, but it also has many benefits for the donor.

On this occasion, GWS Medika also carried out blood tests for glucose, uric acid, and cholesterol, which were attended by 44 people from members of the church and the surrounding community.