GWS Medika Supports Creativity in Style in "Nirankara Ramadhan Style"

by Agnes Krisantibullet
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GWS Medika Supports Creativity in Style in "Nirankara Ramadhan Style"
GWS Medika Supports Creativity in Style in "Nirankara Ramadhan Style"

Nirankara Models Project (NMP) held a fashion competition entitled "Nirankara Ramadhan Style." The competition was held on the LG Green Pramuka Square Mall floor and was attended by 29 participants (17/3).

Syarah Larasaty, founder of NMP, who also acts as one of the juries, gave a warm welcome, especially to the participants. Syarah introduced NMP and announced plans to open her modeling agency in Green Pramuka Square.

“Unlike other agencies, NMP is not just about being a professional model. We will see from the start: are you suitable to be a model, MC (master of ceremonies), or something else? After that, we will guide you from zero until you graduate and start accepting projects," said Syarah, who was greeted enthusiastically by the participants.

With the theme of Ramadan, these relatively young participants walked around confidently wearing various variations of hijab while showing off their own mixed and matched clothing. No one looked tired or weak in the middle of fasting. They are unstoppable.

In this event, GWS Medika had the opportunity to give a health talk delivered by dr. Farah Ardinda, Clinic Manager of GWS Medika Green Pramuka. This time, dr. Dinda conveyed the importance of vitamin D intake for our bodies.

dr. Dinda said, "Our bodies cannot make vitamin D on their own; therefore, we need to get it from sunlight. The problem is that these days, we rarely find sunlight and are instead exposed to a lot of pollution. To prevent vitamin D deficiency in this rainy season, taking vitamin D supplements or injections could be an option."

Apart from the presentation from Dr. Dinda, GWS Medika also provided a mini-pharma booth to support the health of the participants and audience attending this fashion competition.