GWS Medika Participates in "Ramadan Bareng GPC"

by Kristihandaribullet
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GWS Medika Participates in "Ramadan Bareng GPC"
GWS Medika Participates in "Ramadan Bareng GPC"

Saturday (23/3). This Ramadan, as if preparing for iftar time, the atmosphere at the Green Pramuka Tower Chrysant Apartment was lively. The apartment management organized a special event entitled "Ramadan Bareng GPC."

During the event, which began on Friday (March 22), residents could participate in various activities, from memorizing verses of the Qur'an and coloring competitions for children to a Ramadan bazaar with UMKM owned by the apartment residents.

Harlan Bachtiar S, the control manager of Green Pramuka Apartment Management, explained that this two-day event was the fourth time it had been held. "The main purpose of this event is to empower and increase the income of UMKM owned by apartment residents. In addition, several competitions for children attempt to teach them confidence. This is part of building their character."

Free check-ups and healthy talk

In the afternoon, the GWS Medika booth was crowded with visitors who wanted to get their blood sugar and uric acid levels checked. This service was provided for free as long as you followed GWS Medika's Instagram account. As a token of appreciation for their visit, GWS Medika also gave out gifts.

On the second day, dr. Dinda, the clinic manager of GWS Medika at Green Pramuka, educated visitors about the hazards of dengue fever (DBD) and the Singapore flu which are currently spreading. Visitors waiting in line for iftar meals eagerly listened to this health-related topic. Some even asked about the health issues they were experiencing.

dr. Dinda underlined the importance of observing fever symptoms in children and immediately taking them to the doctor right away so that their diseases can be diagnosed promptly and treated properly.

"During a fever, parents should observe the child's condition, especially if the fever persists above 38°C. Parents should immediately take the child to the doctor, especially if the child refuses to eat and drink," explained dr. Dinda. "The goal is for the child's illness to be diagnosed promptly and given proper treatment," she said.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle was also emphasized at this event, where each family member was encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent various diseases.

Through the two-day activity, GWS Medika hopes that apartment residents will become more familiar with and aware of the clinic's presence so that optimal healthcare services can be provided to those in need.

GWS Medika Clinics

The GWS Medika Clinic at Green Pramuka Apartment is the third clinic to have opened since March 4, 2024. Previously, the GWS Medika clinic also provided services at Kalibata City Apartment, Jakarta Selatan and Springhill Terrace Residence, Jakarta Utara. In addition to receiving services at the clinic, patients can also enjoy home care services.

With services available every day from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 22:00, patients can easily access the healthcare they need.

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