GWS Medika Organizes an Iftar Event with Kalibata City Apartment Security

by Kristihandaribullet
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GWS Medika Organizes an Iftar Event with Kalibata City Apartment Security
GWS Medika Organizes an Iftar Event with Kalibata City Apartment Security

GWS Medika organized an iftar gathering with the security staff on duty at the 18 Kalibata City Apartment Towers. The event, held at the Tower Gaharu community hall, was attended by 215 security personnel in two shifts, on April 27 and 28.

The event opened with stretching by Dhuhuurul Islam, from the GWS Medika Institutional Engagement (IE) team. Despite they were not free due to limited space, the security personnel looked enthusiastic about taking part in this session.

To maintain health during fasting, the iftar event not only included a meal but also presented a "Health Talk" session led by doctors from GWS Medika.

dr. Sekar provides important tips about maintaining endurance during Ramadan. "It is important to include vegetables and fruit in the iftar and suhoor dishes and avoid acidic foods that can trigger stomach disorders," she said.

During the question-and-answer session, several security personnel shared their health problem. dr. Sekar shares advice and answers, including how to manage problems like stomach ulcers and fever during fasting.

Sutrisno, assistant chief of security, appreciated the event. "In the future, it is possible to add training events for security in providing first aid if a resident or visitor falls ill suddenly. I am delighted to see the enthusiasm of the security personnel for participating in this event.” "For stretching or light exercise sessions, perhaps we can choose a wider area," he suggested with a smile.

The iftar event also ended with a free blood sugar check service from GWS Medika. Some security personnel were found to have blood sugar levels above normal, and they will be given follow-up to receive appropriate treatment.

On the same day, GWS Medika presented 30 gifts to Syamsul Arief Salam, Deputy Chair of P3SRS. The parcels were distributed to orphans in the Kalibata City region during the Iftar with orphans event on April 30. Munjirin, Mayor of South Jakarta, and Ratu Rante Allo, Head of the Department of Industry, Trade, and Small and Medium Enterprise Cooperatives at DKI Jakarta, attended the event.

With a commitment to supporting the community’s health during Ramadan, GWS Medika remains dedicated to providing support and healthcare services.