GWS Medika Global Health Partnership: Global Specialist Access with Local Convenience

by Kristihandaribullet
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GWS Medika Global Health Partnership: Global Specialist Access with Local Convenience
GWS Medika Global Health Partnership: Global Specialist Access with Local Convenience

GWS Medika, a leading health clinic in Jakarta, is proud to introduce the most recent health services through the Global Health Partnership (GHP) Program.

The GHP program is designed to deliver international standard healthcare while ensuring patient comfort at home. With GHP, you can get access to global specialists to get second opinions and develop more comprehensive treatment options without needing to travel abroad.

The Global Health Partnership (GHP) is a partnership program between GWS Medika and various hospitals and specialist doctors in Asia and America.

This partnership aims to provide specialist doctors, care, support, and joint learning for patients as a tangible representation of GWS Medika's commitment to providing a future of comfortable, personal, and global health services at affordable prices.

GHP program benefits

The GHP program offers a variety of benefits to patients, including saving time and money and avoiding the stress associated with appointments and travel abroad. You can have peace of mind with high-quality care without leaving Indonesia.

How to get started

The process of obtaining this service is simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Consult with a GWS Medika doctor: Start consulting with a GWS Medika doctor to get an initial diagnosis.

  2. Specialist doctor recommendation: Based on the diagnosis, the GWS Medika doctor will recommend a follow-up consultation option or second opinion with an specialist doctor who is appropriate specialist for your treatment and make an appointment.

  3. Comprehensive therapy plan: The GWS Medika doctor and specialist doctor will collaborate in developing a comprehensive therapy plan.

  4. Teleconference with a specialist doctor: Together with a GWS Medika doctor, you will meet a specialist doctor via teleconference to get a second opinion regarding the diagnosis and therapy plan.

  5. Follow-up therapy: GWS Medika's special team is ready to assist you with every stage of the therapy. They will ensure you receive comprehensive and continuing care.

Comfort and convenience in health care

The GHP program aims to provide access to the best health care with comfort and convenience. You don't have to worry about geographical barriers or language difficulties.

GWS Medika is committed to providing high-quality health services with international standards while utilizing cutting-edge medical technology. GWS Medika creates personalized therapies in collaboration with global partners.

Contact us now to experience the future of convenient, personalized, and global healthcare.