Empowering Moms: Spreading Awareness about Cervical Cancer

by Tesalonika Sih Mardi Bektibullet
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Reviewed by Kristihandari
Empowering Moms: Spreading Awareness about Cervical Cancer
Empowering Moms: Spreading Awareness about Cervical Cancer

“Cervical cancer can develop without any symptoms due to the HPV virus, which is transmitted through sexual activity. "Because of that, it is important to practice good hygiene during sexual intercourse, have regular pap smears and VIA tests, and protect yourself by getting the complete HPV vaccine," explained dr. Dinda during a health talk event focused on "The Importance of the HPV Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer."

A warm atmosphere filled the health talk event held by GWS Medika in collaboration with the Sekolah Daarul Quran at the Kalibata City Apartment. The prayer room area immediately turned into a seminar room. There is a sofa for the speaker, and the participants sit neatly on the carpet that has been provided.

That morning, more than 50 parents and female teachers were attentively listening to educational material about cervical cancer.

Understanding cervical cancer and prevention

dr. Farah Ardinda, commonly called dr. Dinda, Health Talk's resource person, began her presentation by explaining cervical cancer, how this cancer develops, and its relationship to the HPV virus.

She also explained the anatomy of the vagina so that moms would better understand the difference between cervical cancer and other types of cancer.

dr. Dinda emphasized that cervical cancer is different from other cancers, which usually show symptoms on the body’s surface. Cervical cancer can develop without realizing it due to the HPV virus, which is commonly transmitted through sexual activity.

As a result, she encouraged moms to keep themselves clean during sexual intercourse, to have pap smears and VIA tests, and to protect themselves by getting the complete HPV vaccine.

Positive and enthusiastic responses from participants

The health talk participants responded with positivity and enthusiasm. They ask many questions about cervical cancer, such as what tests can be done, how to maintain feminine hygiene, and how to prevent cervical cancer.

Sylvia, one of the participants, said, "The event was both pleasant and enlightening. I was pleased with the doctor's explanation and how she presented this delicate information. Previously, I only knew the name of cervical cancer but didn't understand the details. After attending this health talk, I gained an understanding of this disease, how the HPV virus is transmitted, and the significance of the HPV vaccine."

Meanwhile, Yanti added, "All this time, I wasn’t sure who to ask about these types of cancers. I was lucky to be able to take part in an event held by GWS. Previously, I thought all cervical cancer was terrible and hereditary. It turns out that all women are at risk of developing cervical cancer. I have understood better the importance of maintaining the female organs clean and healthy to minimize the risk of contracting the HPV virus."

This health talk about cervical cancer provides valuable education to the participants. They become more aware of the risks of cervical cancer, the need to maintain female organs healthy, and preventive actions.

Apart from the health talk, GWS Medika provided free glucose, uric acid, and cholesterol checks to the participants.

We hope that regular activities to increase public awareness about health, especially among women, can be continued.