Exercise Snack: Clearly Not That Kind of Snack

by Kristihandaribullet
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Reviewed by dr. Koh Hau-Tek
Exercise Snack: Clearly Not That Kind of Snack
Exercise Snack: Clearly Not That Kind of Snack

"Sitting is the new smoking". Even if you regularly exercise, sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health. A Mayo Clinic study also found that long periods of sitting may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Think again if you believe that the only way to maintain your health is to commit to a strenuous workout regimen. A two-minute exercise snack has the same health benefits as hours of sweaty activity at the gym.

There is no longer a valid reason to skip an exercise. You can take exercise breaks throughout the day even if you only have 120 seconds.

What is an "exercise snack"?

1. Exercising frequently with low intensity

Exercise snacks are influenced by the formerly popular high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprint interval training (SIT). It consists of short bursts of intense exercise followed by a short break before repeating the cycle several times. This task typically takes 10 to 25 minutes to complete.

Exercise snacks are comparable. Despite the longer rest period, the intensity remains constant. It's called an "exercise snack" for this reason: little by little, but often.

2. Simple exercises that you can do everywhere

This simple and enjoyable activity could help you stay active throughout the day. Yes, just 1-2 minutes between rush hours, ideally every 30 minutes. This aims to boost our metabolism and endurance while also preventing muscle damage from prolonged sitting.

For your exercise snacks, you can select the type of activity. Walking around the house, stretching your legs on a chair, doing jumping jacks while watching TV, or ascending and descending stairs are all examples of exercises.

"Exercise snacks" are like chips or nuts that you snack on when you're bored. You can eat it whenever, wherever, as much as you want.

Exercise snacks can be done quickly, anywhere, and at any time. You can do it at the office, at home, outside, or even while on the phone. You don't have to change your clothes or shoes or go to the gym.

When can I do it?

You might have already done it. You simply weren't aware of it. Have you ever spent a long time on a computer or watching TV before getting up to move around or stretch? Sure, this is one method of preparing an exercise snack.

Several writers are well known for their physical and mental relaxation. Dan Brown, the best-selling author of The Da Vinci Code, has done it. After each hour of writing, he spent one minute doing sit-ups and push-ups. In reality, this brief exercise boosts energy and productivity.

WHO has established a weekly physical activity requirement of 150 minutes. We can, however, choose how to achieve that goal.

Exercise snacks are ideal because they do not necessitate the use of any special equipment. Those who do not exercise can improve their fitness by ascending three flights of stairs three times a day, three days a week, for six weeks.

Exercise snack advantages

1. Strengthen muscles

According to a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, exercise snacks are extremely beneficial to muscle health. Sitting all day reduces the body's muscles' ability to absorb and use amino acids from the bloodstream. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Muscles grow less optimally when there is a lack of amino acids in the blood. When respondents are asked to do exercise snacks, their conditions improve.

2. Boost insulin metabolism

This small action is sufficient to boost insulin metabolism in obese people. This study backs up a previous study that found walking for two minutes every 20 minutes can lower blood sugar levels.

3. Low impact exercise

Intense exercise may not always be the best option for people suffering from chronic illnesses such as back pain or heart problems, especially over a long period of time. Low impact exercise, such as short walks, can be a "snack" option. But first, consult your doctor. More exercise, for example, can aggravate chronic fatigue syndrome.

Get regular exercise, whether it's brisk walking, swimming, cycling, or soccer. But don't overlook exercise snacks. This light exercise is helpful in forming the habit of doing physical exercise in the middle of a busy day.

Set your alarm to be consistent. Don't forget to move around.

So don't hesitate to take as many exercise snacks as possible throughout the day. You are on the right track to staying fit and healthy.

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