Behind The Tasty Cookie

by Kristihandaribullet
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Reviewed by dr. Zamzam & Puspa W. Cahyono
Behind The Tasty Cookie
Behind The Tasty Cookie

Can you name various types of cookies? You would probably think of nastar, putri salju, kastangel, sagu keju, and lidah kucing, etc. One would not suffice. If you can't control it, you'll end up eating the entire jar by yourself.

There are numerous reasons why people enjoy or prefer to serve cookies on special occasions. It has a unique look, tastes sweet or savory, and is simple to carry and consume. While we talk with our loved ones, various cookies will pair best with tea, coffee, or milk. Anytime and anywhere. As a result, it is incomplete if you do not present it.

Cookies have many health benefits aside from being crunchy. Check it out!

1. Boosts energy

Whole wheat flour is used in some cookies. Whole grains provide energy and are high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all of which contribute to a healthy metabolism.

2. High in protein

Cookies contain a lot of carbohydrates, protein, and sugar. The combination of these three elements quickly fills us up. As a result, cookies are suitable as a breakfast substitute or a stomach booster when you have congestion.

3. Assist in weight loss

Cookies's-fiber content has numerous health benefits, including preventing constipation, lowering blood cholesterol, and assisting in weight loss.

4. Healthy snack

To maximize the health benefits of cookies, we suggest choosing a type that does not contain artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners. Certain types of cookies can be a healthy snack option.

High Calorie

Cookies have a high calorie content, which negates the benefits. Let's talk about nastar. This pineapple jam-filled cookie has 75 calories. That is, if we only eat one. A single serving will undoubtedly be insufficient. Three nastars are the equivalent of one plate of rice. A spoonful of white rice, or approximately 100 grams, has 204 kcal. How much nastar have you had today?

Kastangel is a cookie that originates from the Netherlands. Its real name is Kaasstengels, which means finger cake, so-called because its size is similar to the size of a finger. This cookie, made from a mixture of flour and cheese and topped with cheese, has amazing calories. One kastangel has 21 kcal. It won’t be enough for you to just eat one. Its savory taste will definitely make you want it more.

The next type of cookie that must be served is putri salju. This crescent-shaped cookie has a surprisingly delicious nutty flavor, especially because of the sugar sprinkled on top. Every six grams of putri salju contains 22.5 kcal.

And don't miss the lidah kucing! This cookie contains 18 kcal. It is thin and melts in the mouth, so it is hard to make us full. One will definitely not be enough.

The Peril of Excessive Consumption

Keep an eye out for diabetes! The cookies are all sugary and high in fat. They can result in high blood sugar levels and weight gain. To stay healthy, we must limit our consumption.

Let's look at the risks of eating too many cookies:

1. Increase the weight

Cookies contain a lot of sugar. One piece may not affect our weight, but is one piece sufficient? This is the problem. One piece is commonly addictive because sugar causes the body to crave it over and over. So, if you don't want to gain weight, you have to fight your body.

2. The hunger lingers

This is the most serious issue with eating cookies. We are still hungry after eating them, no matter how much we eat. This is because cookies contain little fiber, whereas fibrous foods keep the stomach fuller for longer. Eating cookies will keep us snacking. So, back to number one: frequent snacking causes the body to gradually gain weight.

3. Induce type 2 diabetes

Excess sugar consumption leads to not only obesity but also type 2 diabetes. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 25% of sugar consumers are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The result is far worse than heart disease!

4. Accelerates aging

Chewing cookies all day causes wrinkles to form, which accelerates aging. The sugar in cookie damages collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles to form. So, do you still want to binge on cookies?

Tips to Avoid Overeating

You don't want to miss a cookie party, do you? Here are some pointers to help you enjoy it safely:

1. Eat cookie at mealtimes

To avoid making a mistake, eat cookies at mealtimes, namely breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat in moderation. A full stomach after the main course will make us less inclined to snack. This regulates the amount of cookie you consume.

2. Eat slowly

Don't try to eat all of the cookies. Limit your intake by eating slowly. Enjoy it. This method aids in the control of binge eating. Eating slowly helps you realize when you are full and when you have had enough to eat.

3. Place it on a small plate

Avoid eating those cookies right away from the jar. Take enough and place it on a small plate according to the amount you want to eat.

Unless you're paying a visit, put the jar away after you've taken it. Taking it on a plate also keeps food out of direct contact with the hands. It must be more hygienic, right?

4. Keep the jar out of sight

Keeping the jar out of sight will help to curb the desire to snack. First, because you don't see it right away, you're less likely to grab it. Second, if you keep it in a difficult-to-reach location, you may be too lazy to take it.

So, which cookies are your favorites? Kastengel? Nastar? Lidah kucing? Please be cautious. Don't overeat, and keep an eye on your health.

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