dr. Namira Kesuma Jelita

dr. Namira Kesuma Jelita

General Practitioner, Projects Team
Treating patients isn't just about their symptoms; it's about understanding their unique needs, values, and goals.

dr. Namira Kesuma Jelita is a general practitioner interested in genetics, genomics, oncology, and otorhinolaryngology.

This alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, was a teaching staff member of the POIN preparation program, helping prospective young doctors achieve their dreams and as a research assistant to a consultant doctor in otorhinolaryngology at Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo.

As a general practitioner at Rumah Sakit Siloam, Bekasi Timur, she had direct experience serving the community.

She has also participated in the internship program Kementrian Kesehatan with duties at Kasih Ibu Kedonganan and Puskesmas Mengwi III, Badung, Bali.

dr. Namira has researched Epstein-Barr DNA in advanced pediatric nasopharyngeal cancer, published in Acta Pediatrica (2021), and reviewed the results of nasopharyngeal cancer treatment with platinum-based chemotherapy (IJNPC, 2020).

This doctor, who has had a career as a medical affairs officer at Nalagenetics, has ACLS (American College of Life Support) and HIPERKES certificates and actively participates in prestigious courses and training, such as Genetics 101 from the American College of Medical Genetics, Precision Medicine from the University of Geneva (Coursera), and Introduction to Genomic Technology from Johns Hopkins University (Coursera).