dr. Aulia Ayu Hartini

dr. Aulia Ayu Hartini

Clinic Manager & Lead General Practitioner, GWS Medika Permata Hijau Medical Center
Be kind, and the kindness will come to you.

dr. Aulia Ayu Hartini is a doctor who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, at Universitas Muhammadiyah, Jakarta. She has experience in various health institutions, such as Rumah Sakit Hermina, Grand Wisata, and KMNC, Jakarta Timur.

Her interest in the medical world continues to grow after joining the Hospital Management program at Universitas Esa Unggul, Jakarta.

Ability dr. Aulia is increasingly equipped with ACLS, ATLS, and Hiperkes certifications. She has a deep interest in dermatovenereology and special expertise in medical support management.

This expertise and experience were expanded by attending training on optimizing prenatal care with ultrasonography in primary care.